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I simply said that the theater starts again and in my opinion she did not understand the meaning of my post.

8 new cases, 0 deaths, 1 hospitalization and discharged the only other hospitalization there was, therefore in the whole Ticino there is only 1 hospitalization and not serious, in practice 0.00028% of the population is hospitalized for covid-19

Renzo Merelli if swabs were done to everyone (even to those in preventive or mandatory quarantine) and not only to the symptomatic, as they do everywhere, sees the 8 cases as they would magically transform

Ludovica Fantoni and raise my curiosity: why do we need to look for sick people where there aren’t any? To further terrorize people? To sell more masks? To sell more vaccines when they are available?

Renzo Merelli if a person is placed in mandatory quarantine because he has been in contact with a positive or is assumed to have been in a risk area, most likely it could be, I have not written to do swabs to all, and especially to those who are positive on day 11 instead of letting it out quietly among the people the two control swabs should be done because hardly indeed practically never who is positive on day 11 magically returns negative. Have I clarified your curiosities?

Ludovica Fantoni in these cases the tests only serve to raise the number, to make “propaganda of terror”. If someone quarantines he’s fine, he doesn’t infect anyone anymore

Luca Tarchini no, let’s hide the dirt under the carpet so then after a while it will be worse. Making the positives go around doesn’t mean looking for trouble where there aren’t, it means hiding them

Renzo Merelli she says this, as I said before, if a person is in quarantine for 10 days (we also omit that in the rest of the world it is 15) and if it is positive, on day 11 it does not become negative, so when it comes out infected and how!

Ludovica Fantoni if ‚Äč‚Äčthose in charge have identified 10 days as the time needed for quarantine, surely they know what they are doing

Renzo Merelli yes indeed, it is a pity that it has been identified as quarantine time only here and that only here no swabs are made to those in quarantine or those of control that from positive ends the 10-day quarantine, the swabs are not used for propaganda of terror, but to have control and contain the cases, on the contrary not doing them serves to hide the real data and create future problems, will they all be crazy in the rest of the world where they adopt the same system?

Ludovica Fantoni does not seem to me that the Italian system (which adopts the system that you say) is better, indeed

Renzo Merelli, in Italy the quarantine period starts at the moment of detection of positivity, at the time of the first swab with a negative result a quarantine period of at least 2 weeks will begin, after which another swab is redone, if the result is still negative the quarantine ends.

Matteo Belliato in Italy, the 14-day quarantine begins when you know you have been in contact with a positive or return from a country at risk, you have to swab within 48 hours and wait for the result. If the test is negative you can safely go out, only in Puglia have they imposed the 14-day quarantine and not the swab. Each region has taken different measures. If, on the contrary, a person is positive he must obviously put himself in quarantine and then, after 15 days the control swabs begin, until you have two negative swabs made 48h apart, remain in quarantine

Renzo Merelli ah right? In your opinion, knowing if a person is positive or negative is not a better system? Getting them out after 10 days of quarantine (which isn’t even enough) and sending positive people around on day 11 is that okay? I also remind you that it is a system used everywhere not only in Italy, among other things in countries where the mask is mandatory in closed places and where gatherings are prohibited, so they are even more protected by a positive.

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