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This core is still above the minimum feasibility threshold, although a tendency was observed at a decrease of 1.5% per year.

The bay in its entirety has been declared as a wildlife refuge and a natural reserve of a defined goal, highlighting five provincial rangers.

The population in this marginal redoubt is between 186 to 308 deer, grouped into two subpopulations: the northern in the Samborombón Provincial Reserve, and another, the southern, with its nucleus in the old wildlife reserve Campos del Tuyú (today transferred to National Parks), in the coastal sector of General Lavalle Party.

While in the 1980s, almost 60% of the deer were located in the northern area of ​​the Bay (from the Salted River to Canal 1), at present less than 10% of them is in that area.

In the rest of this province it has been totally eliminated by the propinated hunt, although it could become reintroduced into fenced preserves of some of the few well-protected reserves (Southern Costanera, Otamendi, Window Sierra, etc).

In Córdoba held populations throughout the provincial south sector, and possibly in height pampas, more than 2,300 meters, although all are also extinct for a long time.

Santa Fe would still have a reliquate population of this species in the area of ​​the undermerical bass, but belong to another subspecies.

The total length (between the tips of the snout and the tail) is between 114 to 150 cm.

The length (from the tip of the snout to the base of the tail) goes from 103 to 135 cm.

The males differ by the robust neck, and because from the year of life they develop a string of branched antlers, which reaches 30 cm in length, which renews every year.

The typical zeal of the deer of the pampas is composed of two thin, pretty smooth horns with three egrees developed each of them.

One of the egrets is simple and directed clearly forward, called a fighter egret, and a second directed backward that is branched at the end on two more tips, the rear egret and above.

However, not all deer antlers have three tips, they are frequent that there are horns with one or more small tips, sometimes by the fork of some egret and others by the appearance of tips anywhere in the Asta.

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